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Umami Burger - Launching and Lunching with Disney Moms

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

So Cal Disney Moms launch their first meet-up at Umami Burger's Anaheim Location

Angie Gaxiola from The Sweeter Taste of Life and Monica Villa from Monica Plus 2 (and fellow LAMBT mama!) recently launched So Cal Disney Moms--Disney moms who are about support, encouragement, and building a community! These three pillars are instantaneously what the group really felt like. I have never met such genuinely kind souls. But that's what being a Disney mom is about, you're a special kind of mom--you have heart and magic within you.

Other blogger moms in attendance included: Yesica Vasquez-Gutierrez from Yesi-Can, Lulu's Wonderland, Claire from XO Samantha And Me, Valerie Stern from Los Angeles Momma, Jasmin Leon from Creating Lovelinesst, and Nadia from Fluffy One and co-creator of The Target Mamas.

When in Anaheim, there's no better place for bites like Umami Burger Anaheim; who graciously hosted So Cal Disney Moms' first meet-up this past Sunday.

They say every name should have a meaning and Umami means "deliciousness," but they also mean business for your taste buds!

Here's the line up of dishes we got to grub on:

Tempura Asparagus served with spicy mayo dip. Honestly, you can never go wrong using spicy mayo dip with any food item! It literally goes with just about everything. The tempura was perfectly fried, so you could still taste the asparagus unlike other tempura veggie items where the vegetable part gets lost.

Next up on the menu was the Slider Trio which came in a mixture of Sam's Crispy Chicken, The Manly Burger, The Truffle Burger, and the Impossible Trufflemaker Burger. Sam's Crispy was by far my favorite, but mostly because chicken in general is my go-to. The chicken burger comes with a fried chicken breast, special sauce, dill pickles, and diving creamy coleslaw. The Manly Burger comes with house beer-chedda, bacon, smoked-salt onion, Umami ketchup, and a mustard spread. The Truffle Burger was my second favorite because well, who doesn't like the taste of Truffle right? It's simply and sinfully made with truffled aiolo, house truffle cheese, and a truffle glaze. Lastly, we were served a vegan burger known as the Impossible and nobody could tell that it was actually meatless!

Then we were served Buffalo and BBQ Style Crispy Lollipop Chicken Wings. I can tell why they were called lollipops, these babies were sweet and tasty. The Buffalo was a general group pleaser that we could not get enough of. Both flavored wings pulled apart softly to eat.

My favorite shareable dish from the lunch was the Crispy Brussels Sprouts drenched delightfully in kimchi vinaigrette. I practically ate the whole dish by myself, sorry ladies! It was the perfect combo of sweet and spicy.

Lastly we were served Cheesy Potato Tots--house made and filled with sharp cheddar and parmesian, roasted garlic aiolo. The cheese was not too overpowering and again, like other fried food items from Umami Burger...perfectly fried so you can still get the flavors from the inside.

For our drinks, we were introduced to their new organic bevarages which consisted of Unsweet Tea (0G Sugar, 0 Calories), Orange Clementine (17G Sugar, 70 Calories), Lemonade (18G Sugar, 71 Calories), and my favorite Berry Patch (18 Sugar, 73 Calories).

Oh hey, what do we have here? A hidden Mickey at Umami made by yours truly! I couldn't help myself. If you're newly being introduced to Disney culture, there are hidden Mickeys all over the park that Disney-obsessed fans try to spot throughout.

The Berry Patch tea was my favorite because it tasted like a delicious jam liquefied into a drink. I have a thing for jam! The other teas were refreshing, and how can you get mad at low to no sugar and low calorie drinks? While the first half of us gravitated toward the Berry Patch, the other half of the ladies were fond of the Orange Clementine. All drinks came with a cute lemon slice! No, I did not attempt to make Mickey ears with them, although it was tempting...

Other organic drinks not pictured, but newly added to their menu are their beers! I felt like this was worth mentioning as their beers are:

1. USDA Certified Organic

2. All Natural

3. Non-GMO

4. Gluten Free

5. No Corn Syrup

6. No Preservatives

7. No Artificial Anything

I will definitely have to stop by again for sliders and beers!

After having Unami Burger Anaheim energize us, So Cal Disney Moms headed over to the parks for a quick mom-only play day!

We sported pins from Club House Buttons, owned by a Disney mom who makes custom buttons! Yes, you can bet that we went with the "I'm not a regular mom, I'm a Disney mom" sets.

We spent the day letting loose and getting to know one another a little bit more. It was so easy to relate to each other as moms, Disney fans, and bloggers. I am so grateful to this group and cannot wait to see how it grows and flourishes in goals and friendships in the future!

As always, be sure to check out the full event on my IG: @ happiestjenonearth for highlights of the event under "Disney: So Cal Moms."

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