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Top 4 Must-see Favorites at The Chinese Lantern Festival

Updated: Jan 12

Pomona holds the best family-friendly Chinese Lantern Festival in Los Angeles!

My ultimate holiday pastime is seeing festive lights! The Chinese Lantern Festival in Pomona is a must-see during the season. And with Christmas break for the kids coming up, you’ll want to add this to your list of things to do. Check out my previous article “Take Your Family to a Kid-Friendly Lantern Festival This Winter” to get the details on the Hanart Culture produced festival.

Aria and I had the honor of attending the meet-and-greet party on opening night for VIP and media, which included a preview of the ribbon cutting ceremony.

During the party, we learned that the history of lantern making began in the Han Dynasty during a crucial period of time for science and invention. Today, it has become an integral part of festivals and celebrations..and of course, entertainment for families!

We were also treated to delicious traditional Chinese food such as dumplings and noodles.

This beautiful event is running through the holidays and will have its last showing on the night of January 5th.

When you go, you’ll want to make sure to hit these "TOP 4" must-sees at the event:

1) The Chinese Mythical Creature-inspired rides

These life-like creatures come in different sizes, so children as small as my 4-year-old can also partake in the the experience. There are ladders to help you get on top of the rides--as well as workers around to help smaller children. They have various animals such as unicorns and the phoenix. They are truly life-like in their movement!

2) The Chinese Dragon:

This spectacular installment stretches out to 100 yards! It's

honestly a sight to see. The dragon is created with blue and

white porcelain table plates, tea cups, and bowls--giving it a

shimmering appearance. Both adults and children alike were

awed by this dragon's beauty! Because of how bright it is, you'll

want to make sure that you have your designated picture-taker

standing at an angle to get the best portrait of you with the

dragon! You can stand as close as you want to it without

washing you out.

3) Lantern Santa:

This is a perfect picture spot for your holiday picture with the kids. Santa is in his sleigh surrounded by cartoon shaped Christmas trees! During this time, you'll want to stop by to grab donuts and a hot chocolate or coffee at the snack shop right across from the installation.

4) A Wonderland-Inspired Installation:

If you ask me, this was the pinnacle of the festival! Endless arches of light made for the best photo-ops. Follow the path down and you'll see rabbits and other beautiful animals and insects like butterflies. Keep going up the hill and you'll hit a perfect spot to sit down. It's surrounded by lit-up mushrooms and lots of twinkle lights.

During the event, we also ran into some of our blogger friends and their families!

From left to right you have Bookish YouTuber Vee Reads, stylish mama from XO Mama Style OC, and fellow LA Mommy Blogger Tribe members and Co-founders of So Cal Disney Moms--Monica Plus 2 and The Sweeter Taste of Life.

We took a picture under this beautiful tunnel of flowers! It's located right by the Mythical Creature-inspired rides.

As always, be sure to check out the full event on my IG: @happiestjenonearth under "Lantern Fest: Media Night."

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