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Signature Strengths

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Core Values already within you can help boost your happiness, lessen your stress, and can help you flourish more!

When we know what our signature strengths (character strengths) are, we can start applying them in everyday life to boost our happiness. Remember, everything takes practice, even happiness! This is why we need to start building good habits today.

Four basic ways we can boost our happiness is to savor, sleep, appreciate, and exercise more. For those of you following me on the Gram (@happiestjenonearth) we found out what our top 5 character strengths were. I hope that you are all finding different ways to apply them in everyday life. Don't over complicate it, just do something simple.

Today I felt frustrated because I noticed some scratches on my car and the person who sideswiped me in the parking lot didn't leave me a note. I was quick to anger, but remembered to slow down--along with the help of my husband for reminding me what really matters. In the bigger picture of life, this is something minor and my gratitude for the life and love I have is so much bigger! Gratefulness is a strong tool that you can whip out at any time when you need it to keep your life game strong.

It's important to know your character strengths because:

1. They can help manage and overcome any and all problems

2. They can improve your relationships

3. They can enhance your overall health and well-being

"People with this kind of appreciation feel a deep sense of awe..."

In order to build good habits, we need to start getting into the practice of doing intentional activities that take effort to attain and maintain happiness.

One of my character strengths is the "appreciation of beauty and excellence." This is basically when you are in awe or wonder of anything and feel elevated by it. The core value for this is transcendence. What is transcendence? It is forging connections to the larger universe; something bigger than you! People with this kind of appreciation feel a deep sense of awe for scenery, music, patterns, etc. They take pleasure in observing things such as physical beauty along with talents and skills that other people have.

Where can beauty be found? Well, in everyday life of course! You can find it in almost every area of life, including the simple things. It can be found in nature, the arts, and your everyday experiences. This type of character strength allows people to experience a type of satisfaction and richness in everyday life. If you need help figuring our what your character strengths are or if you need help finding simple activities that will help you apply your signature strengths in everyday life, hit the contact section and shoot me a message! I am more than happy to help you get started on your journey of happiness.

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