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Shoe App Review: Jenzy

Shopping with Jenzy changes the way this generation buys kid shoes!

This shoe sizing app for kids not only eliminates the guessing aspect of shoe shopping, but also eliminates almost 90% of foot problems that kids could develop from buying the wrong size shoes!

Did you know that there are four steps you want to make sure you go through when buying new shoes? Jenzy provides a blog post and video that helps us make sure that our kids are wearing the right sizes.

Here's the gist of it taken straight from their website's blog:

1. Your child can move their toes freely. There should be a space the width of your thumbnail between their toes and the front of the shoe.

2. The heel of the shoes are secure. There should be no slippage when they’re walking or jumping.

3. The ball of your child’s foot (which is the widest part of the foot) fits comfortably within the shoe, and doesn’t feel too tight or pinched.

4. After a day or two of wearing their new shoes, you should check your child’s foot thoroughly to ensure there are no signs of chafing. Often kids won’t realize a shoe isn’t right until after those nasty blisters appear!

For the last 4 years of parenthood I have not been buying the right sizes for my kids! Usually, I would buy a size that fits "too right" instead of "just right." I didn't realize that this was not only causing us to go through so many shoes in a short period of time, but that I could have been potentially hurting my children's feet in between growth spurts.

This past weekend, we put a new size to the test with shoes from Native Shoes using the Jenzy app. Needless, to say they were toddler approved! You can check out my "Shop Jenzy" highlight on Instagram (@happiestjenonearth) and see videos of Mila getting her moves on at the Chuck E. Cheese dance party.

So how does the app work exactly? It's literally as easy as 1-2-3...you take a photo of your child's foot with the Jenzy app using a credit card (or in our case a Disney Annual Pass, hehe..) as a marker to get their measurements. Jenzy's proprietary matching technology then uses the measurements to recommend the best sizes for your child in each brand and style. Finally, you're free to shop from a curated list of mom-approved shoes that you can be content in knowing will be the right size for your child.

Some brands included in the shop are:

1. Aston baby

2. Morgan & Milo

3. Poco Nido

4. Keen

5. New Balance

6. Salt Water

7. Livie & Luca

8. Pediped

9. See Kai Run

10. Mini Melissa

11. Plae

12. Tip Toey Joey

They are always adding new brands to the store as well, so make sure to check it out! One of the main aspects of this app that I was impressed about in regards to brands was their careful selection of brands. Jenzy makes sure to offer high quality shoes that are not only stylish, but DURABLE. This is an important key factor for me as a practicing minimalist because I focus on wardrobe capsuling where we are buying fewer items of clothing of great quality for two main reasons: 1) Making sure that our clothing choices are easy in the morning, so that we make more time for experiencing the world and spending time with our family 2) Making sure that we are not contributing to fast-fashion and going through clothes, shoes, and accessories only for them to end up in the landfills.

Overall, I think that the concept of this app is a really cool idea. It's not too difficult to navigate through and if you have any problems at all, the customer service is beyond helpful and it feels like you're talking to a friend who cares!

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