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SBG Kids Club: August 2019 Back to School Event

South Bay Galleria kicks off the school year with back to school fun!

Every month the South Bay Galleria in Redondo Beach hosts a free kids club every first Tuesday at 6:00 pm in the food court. It's my absolute favorite kids club for multiple reasons. First and foremost, it's held at a great time for SAHMs and working moms! SAHMs can bring their kids right before bed time to tire the kiddos out while working moms, like myself, can make time to attend with the kids right after work.

Other reasons why SBG is the best Kids Club:

1. The coordinators make sure to have an extremely well-organized event

2. It is not overwhelmingly crowded

3. The activities and entertainment works well from toddlers to elementary school aged children

4. Each kid club is always different and will rotate from a show, craft, or educational activity.

SBG has been known to bring in popular children entertainment such as:

1. The Beat Buds

2. Twinkle Time

3. The Amazing Dave

4. Megan The Bubbleologist

August's kids club was back to school-themed as kids started returning to school this week! Children fell in line to take photo booth school bus pictures and later relocating to the craft tables to work on school bus frames. The activities are so simple to follow, Aria has been able to do them since she was an older 2-year-old.

In the spirit of back to school, SBG has also teamed up with Redondo Beach Kiwanis to raise donations for school supplies from August 5th to the 23rd.

Some supplies you can donate include:

1. Backpack 2. Binders 1.5" to 2" 3. Spiral Notebooks 4. Notebook Paper 5. 2-Pocket Folders 6. Rulers

Everyone who donates will be entered to win a $100 gift card! Click here to get more info.

Do you or your kids like reptiles? Then you don't want to miss out on the next Kids Club! It will be an educational show that will teach children and families all about reptiles. We've always managed to miss this annual show, so I'm excited to see what will be in store. I hope they let us pet or hold some of the reptiles! See you at the next Kids Club and come say hi!

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