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Product Review: PPB Lion King Boxy Backpack

The newest collab with PPB and Disney Baby has become a favorite family addition!

With the release of the live-action Lion King movie in late July, Petunia Pickle Bottom and Disney Baby teamed up to create the Lion King collection.

The Boxy Backpack is the perfect choice for us with two kids under the age of four! There's enough room for both girls' needs and the attached diaper pad is a necessity while our youngest is not yet potty training. Items that come with this bag are stroller straps and a PPB wipes case.

The diaper changing station will be the main focal point and buying motivation for parents when deciding between the boxy backpack and the axis backpack. We've had PPB since 2017 and I can honestly say that the removable changing pad has been extremely helpful with two kids, especially when you don't have time to pull out a changing pad and lay it out or

to grab a disposable one while in the ladies room or family restroom. I can watch one kid while holding the other and unzipping the diaper pad with one hand. Something I have done countless times!

The other feature I love about this particular bag is the magnetic front flap in comparison to the Velcro closure. There are snaps for added security, but the magnetic flap is so strong, I've yet to use the snaps. There are also pockets wide enough for diapers and wipes, so you won't have to dig in the bag and try to search for them when you're in a rush, or in a middle of a blow out as a new parent.

The backpack itself has so much room for just about anything you can think of taking with you on a short park trip or if you're going to be out all day. The interior has five pockets with two specifically to store bottles, as well as a key clip. This key clip is my favorite feature about the interior portion, as I am always forgetting where I place my keys.

The exterior is water-resistant and has vegan leather detailing. You'll be impressed with how stylish and modern this bag is. It's also not as bulky as other diaper backpacks--even with everything you'll pack in there. It weighs less than 3 pounds, so it's a sleek bag.

The bag also comes with a small zip bag you can attach to the side for little nick-knacks. If you need to pick up the bag, you can easily tote it around with the top grab-handle. The backpack comes with a long shoulder strap and two backpack straps, so that you have two choices of carrying it. I know we all have our preferences. I go back between wearing it both ways, and my husband prefers to wear it as a backpack.

The style is very co-ed, so the husband does not mind sporting it around while we're out.

Overall, this has certainly become our favorite diaper bag! Click here for the PPB website and to see what bag fits your lifestyle.

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