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Jessie's Critter Carousel

Set to open in April for a rootin', tootin' time!

The formerly known King Triton's Carousel of the Sea at Disney California Adventure park is being transformed into Jessie's Critter Carousel--a beloved piece of Pixar's Toy Story movie series come to life. This recreated carousel is aimed to open in April..and all Toy Story fans wait in anticipation. It's a great year for Toy Story as we also anticipate the long-awaited Toy Story 4 movie.

Currently, the carousel is boarded up in creative Disney fashion. While there is no official opening date announced, I suggest for Toy Story fans to take some selfies in front of the crayon and sticker-filled wall! They truly make for great memories and is just plain stinkin' cute.

"For two minutes, I am in absolute bliss and everything moves a little slower for me."

A fun-fact about me is that every time I see a carousel, I have to get on one! It's been like that for me ever since I was a little girl. Last year, I researched the most famous carousels in California just so I could add them to my bucket list. I close my eyes, listen to the nostalgic music that's playing, and lean back a little as I feel the light bulbs from the carousel glowing on my eyelids. For two minutes, I am in absolute bliss and everything moves a little slower for me. The funny thing is that now that I'm a mom, my love for carousels has transferred over to my oldest daughter, Aria. I can't wait to share our experience and pictures of Jessie's Critter Carousel with you all once the most rootin', tootin carousel opens next month!

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