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Hubs Builds a Lightsaber

Savi’s workshop is a must-have experience

Every Star Wars fan dreams of creating their own lightsaber. This past weekend my husband finally got to assemble his own at Savi’s Workshop at Disneyland inside Galaxy’s Edge. But before you head over, make sure that you make a reservation online. They won’t let you inside without making plans ahead of time. Just like Disney dining, you’ll be required to hold your reservation with a credit card—but don’t worry, you can pay with a different card upon check-in.

Okay, so you’ve made your reservations And you’ve checked in! Next on the list is to pay at the register before the experience begins: $199.99 Per lightsaber plus tax is about $215, sorry folks, no AP discounts can be applied! After paying, you’ll choose a cloisonné pin for the type of lightsaber you want to assemble (this will define what color the lightsaber is):

1. Peace and Justice

2. Power and Control

3. Protection and Defense

4. Elemental Nature: This is the one Antonio chose for his lightsaber. It stands for the force—an energy created by all living things. It also gives the lightsaber its green color.

During the workshop you’ll be asked to put the pin down and to choose a kyre crystal. The added bonus to this is that you can actually wear the pin on your clothes afterward!

The recommended age for this experience is 5 years and up. Each builder is allowed to guests max to accompany them inside because it’s such a small area. However, if you have small children like mine, they’ll let all four of you in. I suggest baby wearing to be comfortable inside and to keep the youngest one from running around while others enjoy their lightsaber experience. There’s also a designated stroller parking right outside Savi’s Workshop. Everyone is led to the waiting area after paying while you wait for the Gatherer to lead you inside. They are completely in character to make the experience as authentic as possible.

Each box of parts include:

1. 1 hilt

2. 4 sleeves (you may pick 2)

3. 2 emitters (you may pick 1)

4. 2 pommel caps (you may pick 1)

5. 2 sets of activation plates and switches (you may pick 1 set)

After assembling the main parts, the Gatherer will connect your hilt to a 31” lightsaber blade! This part is super cool because the lights dim down, Yoda’s voice is projected from the top, and it feels like a real ceremony as everyone’s lightsaber connects and lights up.

On your way out you’re given a carrying case to protect your lightsaber. If you want to further customize your lightsaber, you can head over to Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities.

As always, be sure to check out the full experience on my IG: @Happiestjenonearth under “Disney: Savi‘s Workshop.”

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