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Happy Earth, Happy Parenting: Nest Baby Diapers

Nest Baby Diapers brings awareness to the use of compostable diapers!

Since January I was inspired to practice minimalism, and not just because The Marie Kondo Netflix special premiered that month! And hey, even if that's why you started your minimalism journey, then more power to you because you are already 5 steps ahead of creating a new and meaningful lifestyle.

This year I was ready to make a lifestyle change that would help me clear my home and my mind. It was my goal to have a less cluttered home, so that my husband and I could spend more time with our kids doing things that mattered. But on this journey, I learned so much more about minimalism that not only helped me to become a healthier and happier person, but helped me realize that I wanted to be a parent who left a smaller carbon footprint.

So, what's the answer? Becoming a sustainable minimalist. To focus on green living and reducing my dependence on having to over-consume products that harm our environment. Nest Baby Diapers achieves sustainability! They are a plant-based company that serves the new generation of parenting that is Eco-minded. And hopefully, even if you aren't at that mindset yet, they're able to bring awareness to the option of using compostable disposable diapers.

Did you know that throwing away ONE disposable diaper that is not green will take about 500 years to decompose? This is because the diaper will need accurate sunlight to decompose properly in the landfills. And according to an environmental agency study performed in the UK, the use of disposable diapers and the toxins they give off are helping to deplete a significant amount of our ozone layer. But let's shift our focus over to the American consumption of disposable diapers. According to the grassroots Real Diaper Association (RDA), "In 1988, over 18 billion diapers were sold and consumed in the United States that year." And based on RDA's calculations, the association estimates that 27.4 billion disposable diapers are consumed every year in the U.S.--stating that "over 92% of all single-use diapers end up in a landfill." Just imagine how many boxes of non-environmentally friendly diapers we have bought over the years that have contributed to this?

Nest Baby Diapers believes in reducing the long term impact associated with disposable diapering. They have partnered up with select diaper compost providers who can properly manage the disposal, and for less than $40 a month for the service. The product itself, is just $21.50 for a bag and shipping is free on all orders. The other perks of going with a plant-based diaper is that it is free of harmful chemical and known allergens that cause our sweet babes diaper rashes. We all know that disposable diapers that aren't green are chock-full of chemicals that not only causes discomfort to the environment, but to our own children. Nest diapers are mostly made from wood, bamboo, and cane. Check out this chart below for a breakdown of the ingredients:

Try a sample today which will include 4 diapers for just $3.50. The packaging the diapers come in also uses paper and a thin film of oriented polypropylene (OPP), resulting in an environmentally friendly, recyclable, strong moisture proof bag that also helps reduce the impact of plastic on the environment. Join me on spreading awareness of compostable diapers, and let's start helping the environment one family home at a time.

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