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Easter 2019 at Disneyland Resort

Spring fun with the family and an idea of what to look forward to next Easter!

The week of Easter you will find lots of fun photo props around the park, especially on Main Street! They have photo props such as frames, Easter egg face cut outs, and even novelty ones like Haunted Mansion egg face cut outs next to the ride.

This was the first Easter we've ever spent at the park, and it is a surprisingly light crowd for a Sunday! As you can see, I was able to stroll along with my littlest bunny without any trouble..

My girls had such a blast at the park! No wait was too long, and we were able to get onto rides like Small World in less than 10 minutes. The longest wait around more toddler-friendly parts of the park like Mickey's Toon Town was probably a 30-minute wait to see Minnie Mouse at her house.

Next year, I plan on getting to the parks right at opening on Easter. I can only imagine how much lighter the crowd was in the morning with everyone at church and family-gatherings. We didn't arrive at the parks until about 1:00 PM because we came right after Easter brunch. One of the events I missed out on this year was Easter Brunch at Catal in Downtown Disney. The on-goings of the brunch is covered extremely well by Magical Kinda Mama. Click here to get a quick run-down of the event. Unlimited mimosas, the amazing spread, kid's crafts, and picture with the Easter bunny is definitely worth the price! We'll be sure to be there the day before Easter next year to make more time at the parks on Easter day and to finally catch a snapshot with the park's own Easter bunny!

The Bunny-Bucket List:

1. Br'er Rabbit

2. Rabbit from Winnie The Pooh

3. Judy Hopps

4. White Rabbit

5. Roger Rabbit

6. Thumper

7. The Easter Bunny

8. Oswald

During Easter season, it is rumored that more rabbit characters are out at the parks! If you go to Critter Country at Disneyland you'll be able to see Rabbit from Winnie The Pooh, but you've got to catch him fast because they do their rotations about every 30 minutes and have Pooh and Tigger man the station down.

Spring Time Perks at the Parks:

1. Lots of beautiful cherry blossoms!

2. Disney Egg-stravaganza: There are 3 different maps! One of DTD, Disneyland, and DCA. You can even get one at your local Disney store and do an egg hunt over there for their own special-themed eggs.

3. Super cute Easter Treats

4. Spring Time Characters

5. Spring floral balloons

6. Easter-themed Afternoon Tea at Disneyland Hotel

7. Easter brunches at Catal, Storyteller's Cafe, and Paradise Pier Hotel

Overall, the parks have a refreshing spring time magic and feel to it at this time of the year and we are looking forward to exploring it more next year!

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