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Diaper Review: Nest Baby Diapers

Best diapers we've used in my 4 and a half years of parenthood.

Okay, so first off..let me just say that Nest Diapers have honestly been the best diapers I've ever used in this journey of trial and error in the department of baby products.

Picture it: 4 and a half years ago and I'm a first-time mom in the middle of summer. Welcome to parenthood, the baby books aren't giving me a list of diapers to try out or sharing reviews from real moms who weren't trying to sell me a picture perfect idea of parenthood. I had absolutely no idea what products would be good and automatically just bought Pampers brand because that's what was introduced to me at the hospital. And I'm not the only one with this story!

Here are a list of Diapers we went through in order of what we tried first (sorry first-born Aria, and to my second-born Mila..I'm half sorry haha..)

1. Pampers (smelled good, but didn't hold well as baby grew older)

2. Huggies (weird crystallized materials formed)

3. Generic Costco Brand (while cost-effective, hated the feel and look)

4. Generic Target Brand (while cost-effective, hated the feel and look even more)

This is the part of my life where I become enlightened about eco-friendly diapers..

5. Babyganics (not bad.., but not quite happy)

6. Earth's Best (went more natural, but difficult to find)

7. Honest Diapers (perfect, loved the prints..but I wanted to take this sustainability thing to the next level!)

When I found out about Nest Diapers coming out locally, I knew that I wanted to be more conscious of the environment in ways that would leave less of a carbon foot print. I have been a mom for almost half a decade now, and I am in a new zone! I am practicing minimalism, my preschooler goes to Montessori school, we've transitioned everything plastic into bamboo. I am the Omega! And was ready for something like Nest to come into my life and to start spreading awareness to other moms in So Cal.

So, now that I feel like I'm a seasoned mom..these are the list of factors that will sway your decision making in choosing a diaper brand:

1. Cost:

This is totally depending on your budget!

2. Softness:

You'll find that with lots of diapers, people swoon over brands like Pampers first, but once they become conscious about sustainability, you'll try more eco-friendly diapers. The problem is they're kind of hard! You want to be a crunchy mom, but not to the extent of having actual crunchy diapers. Nest Diapers are paper like, but boy are they soft!

3. Absorbency:

I feel like moms see commercials from brands like Pampers and feel like they need an absorbent diaper for 10+ hours, but don't realize that there's chemicals in there holding all that urine in. It's not good to trap in all that moisture either! While Nest diapers feel thin, they are so absorbent! We haven't had any leaks or accidents at all. And they're so breathable, my youngest is always comfortable.

4. Fragrance (or none):

I think the main reason why people get diapers with fragrances is to mask the smell of poop. But again, you have to remember that if they're fragrant, they're probably full of chemicals! I like Nest Diapers because they're plant-based and chemical-free. There have been times my husband forgot to change my youngest when she had a wet diaper, and not once did she rash. In fact, I haven't needed to use any ointments or diaper rash creams since we switched to Nest Diapers.

5. Environmental Impact:

I feel like when you get to this higher level of parenting, you'll realize how much waste we create with baby products. You can rest assure that Nest Diapers are sustainable because they disintegrate and finally turn into compost.

More reasons why I like Nest Diapers:

1. The sizing is great! My kids have always been petite. Mila is 24 months old, but fits a size 3 perfectly so we're able to save on the amount of diapers we use.

2. While they are plant-based, they're still super soft, have a stretchable waist band for comfort, and the back breathes!

3. They make me feel good about my parenting choices in regards to my child's sensitive skin as well as doing better for our earth.

If you need more convincing, do your research! As a mom, research as much as you can about the products you're using--especially when it pertains to your children. The most credible websites I go on are "dot orgs," so you know it's most often ran by non-profit organizations and and not just commercialized. Gimme the Good Stuff is a resource guide for conscious moms and healthy kids, and Nest Diapers is rated Number 1 on their site. I recommend reading their article on the "Safe Disposable Diaper Guide." And if you are still apprehensive about trying Nest Diapers, they offer a sample option that you can purchase for $3.50--that's how serious they are about spreading awareness for eco-friendly brands. Happy researching!

As always, be sure to check out more about Nest Diapers on my IG: @ happiestjenonearth for highlights of our happy adventure in baby products under "Nest Baby: Green Diapers."

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