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Captain Marvel at DCA

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Captain Marvel will be at Disney California Adventure Park for a limited time character encounter.

The Captain Marvel Meet and Greet is located in Hollywood Land inside of Disney California Adventure (DCA). According to the Disney Parks Blog, she'll only be here for a limited time this spring. So you better catch her before she goes higher, further, faster and out of here! If you get lost, just look for the S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicle and and orange and white checkered wall.

By the way, this is a great background for pictures. It works perfectly for a mini photo shoot while waiting in line. She's quite popular, so the wait time takes a minute! I think we might have been in line for about 40 minutes before making our way up to her.

Pictured up high and just below are my oldest daughter and my husband, Antonio...if you've ever wondered who does all my photos and edits--it's this guy right here!

"So much so that if Ralph doesn't figure out how to deal with his own insecurities the movie can easily turn into a cross-breed..."

One aspect I really enjoyed from this meet-and-greet is that captain Marvel makes sure to shake hands with everyone she meets. She usually takes any kids by the hand and leads them to the picture spot. Captain Marvel makes sure to stay in character with her period piece, too. I took a selfie with her for my own personal keepsake and she asked me all sorts of funny questions in regards to what a selfie was and how she was still getting used to everything that was new.

Quick Tips:

- Hollywood Land in DCA

- 9:25 PM to 3:00 PM daily

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