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A Bubble-blast in Tustin

A unique bubble experience for all ages!

You have probably seen OC Bubble POP around town at the most popular parenting and kids’ events, but did you know that they have a physical indoor location right here in Orange County? And the best part is that they’re friendly and family-owned!

Thanks to OC Bubble POP and having them so graciously host the OC Mommy Blogger Tribe and kiddos for a bubble-tastic play date! We were able to fully experience the extensive interactive bubble stations. Usually, at events they’ll bring a few stations out for testing, but nothing beats the feeling and magic of an immersed bubble session at their Tustin location!

Their most popular stations are Bubble Power, Getting Inside a Bubble, and Dry Ice Bubbles. The main thing I like about bubbles is that they’re great for all ages. Even the adults were interested in sections like the dry ice station.

I really appreciated that I was able to bring both of my kids, two years apart, and the bubbles were still age appropriate for them. Some of the stations are also lowered for the younger toddlers and babies.

Did you know that according to studies, chasing and blowing bubbles helps with the following?:

1. Crawling

2. Walking

3. Reaching

4. Strengthens toddler muscles

5. Helps develop gross motor skills

6. Engages toddlers in experimentation

7. Gives play purpose

8. Helps guide curiosity and learning

Gather the kids and bring them in for a fun time for everyone—adults included. Remember, as always..head over to my IG @HappiestJenonEarth for story highlights!

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