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50th Anniversary of Apollo Landing

Space week at Pretend City blasts off with this special celebration!

On Saturday, July 20, 2019, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo landing at Pretend City--a day which signified the first time America landed on the moon. Commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin formed the American crew that landed the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle on July 20, 1969. So, how brilliant is it that we celebrate on the day of the official landing decades later?!

And yes, if you are just catching this now, Buzz Lightyear was inspired by Buzz Aldrin! Also, did anybody catch the Toy Story alien found on the Space Week banner? Kudos to you if you did!

But before we get started on our space adventure, let's pause to talk about Aria's outfit for Space week...

How cute is this NASA find from Target?! Unable to find anything space related in the toddler section, I was able to spot out this gem in the girls aisle!

This is actually a girl's size-medium long sleeved shirt. I turned it into a toddler dress by rolling up the sleeves and pairing it with knee-high socks.

Now, how's that for a Target mom hack? I know I am not the only one to do this to shirts and sweaters in the bigger kids section!

It's adorned with patches and resembles

the color and material of attire that you would see of someone who works at NASA. The back also has some very cool wording on it as well.

And the best part is that we'll be able to grow into it as the years pass and use it as a regular top in the future. It also buttons all the way down in the front, so we will be able to unbutton it and wear it as an awesome jacket over outfits!

NASA shirt turned-dress: Target
Grey knee-highs: Target
Black ankle-booties: Old Navy
Crazy kid smile: Priceless!

When you enter Pretend City it's already transformed into a space adventure! The Pretend City banner is covered with a Space Week sign in very cute, child-like drawings and writing.

Behind Aria you will see white foot prints that lead you to the center of Pretend City.

If you follow the foot prints, you'll notice that it's lined with the iconic phrase, "One small step for mankind, one giant leap for mankind."

As you can see--Aria was incredibly ready to get this adventure started and begin a science exploration.

Sweet, little Mila is sporting our go-to space jumper. Yes, also from Target! It's a well-known fact that Target and moms go hand-in-hand, like space and star dust!

It's incredibly comfortable and soft, and I love that the print looks like a part of the galaxy.

We last wore this jumper to Star Wars Land Galaxy's Edge, and we are super happy to able to sport it again on our next venture here at Pretend City!

Our usual stop is always at the Studio Art room because it's one of the first activity rooms when you enter. We had our very own space material ready to create moon art. As always, simple activities such as these are a perfect way to develop and practice our children's fine motor skills.

The next room we went to check out was the Super S.T.E.A.M Lab which was also transformed to feel like a space shuttle.

It is covered with foil from the outside to the ceiling. There are also decorations of stars in the inside as well as a model of the Apollo.

Along the walls you will also see educational space diagrams. The girls had fun playing with Legos and Mega Blocks while in a space setting.

We made our next stop at the amphitheater which was transformed to look like a command center. The sound board was turned into a control board--and the costumes were space suits, coats, and rocket. The stage was created to look like the landing of the Apollo with a rocket tent and starry background.

We made our last stop at Orange Plaza, which is the epicenter of Pretend City. I got to take a cut-out astronaut picture while we waited for the Simple Science activity to get started! The learning activity was about gravity and anti-gravity where children learn about gravity and how it is a strong force that can pull objects together, and how we can defy it.

At the end of the activity all the Junior Astronauts in training were awarded with certificates after completing their missions!

Over all the event was a fun, learning experience for both of my girls. Pretend City is always the perfect place to go because it caters to both toddlers and preschoolers effortlessly.

On your way out there are some adorable plushies to take home as keepsakes, including this super soft and cute Moon man! Space week is currently running until July 26, 2019. Have fun explorers!

To follow our day at Pretend City, head over to my Instagram account at @happiestjenonearth and look for my IG Highlight "Pretend City."

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